Top Flexepin horse betting sites 2023

Flexepin Horse betting

Flexepin is a popular pre-paid deposit options at horse racing betting sites, that allows you to top-up your account. Flexepin can be purchased online or via some selected retail outlets in Australia. While Flexepin horse betting sites are not as common as other payment types at bookies, several of the big-name bookmakers do accept it. The top Flexepin betting sites will have you wagering instantly and paying minimal fees.

The best Flexepin horse racing bookmakers for November, 2023:

United States Best Flexepin horse racing bookmakers

Best Flexepin horse racing bookmakers

Flexepin horse betting sites

Online gambling‘s rapid expansion has led to the creation of payment solutions by several banks and financial institutions. Flexepin is one of them, having been developed by Flexewallet in 2015. The product is one of several other Flexe payment solutions like white label solutions, QR code payments, and digital wallets.

Flexewallet was founded by the Novato Group and was launched over two decades ago. The payments solution is an Australian Financial Services licensee regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

The company set up Flexepin almost a decade ago, and the cash top-up voucher has gained considerable popularity. Flexepin is currently the preferred means of payment for gamblers worldwide who want a safe, reliable, and anonymous way to deposit money in their betting accounts.

Best Flexepin betting sites

What bookmakers accept Flexepin payments

This bookie payment solution is popular not just in Australia, where it was initially launched, but worldwide. As a result, the top-up voucher can be used to make deposits to online betting accounts.

The top betting sites that accept Flexepin allow customers to instantly fund their accounts and place bets on various sporting events like horse racing.

With as low as a $20 voucher, gamblers can use Flexepin to fund their betting balance in online bookmakers. There is a sufficient number of betting sites that accept Flexepin, from popular wagering firms like Ladbrokes and Sportsbet to newer ones like TopSport.

Some of the best online bookmakers that accept Flexepin include:

What is Flexepin?

Flexepin is a prepaid payment method that uses cash-release vouchers. It allows customers to fund existing accounts and shop online without using a credit or a debit card. It also offers protection by not revealing their personal details as well as their financial information.

Due to it being founded in Australia, Flexepin is primarily popular with Australian betting sites although the payment service is also available in some top UK betting platforms and other areas like Canada.

The payment platform is much faster and safer than the traditional means of making online payments. It is perfect for casual gamblers or people new to the activity and who want to keep their information private. This is because customers are not required to reveal personal information when using an electronic prepaid voucher for payments. Flexepin is also an excellent option for people trying a new betting platform.

This review will provide all the information needed to set up your Flexepin account and link it to your preferred online betting account.

How to bet on horse racing with Flexepin

Using Flexepin to deposit at online bookmakers is quite straightforward, as customers only need to locate an opearator that accepts deposits of this nature and secure a Flexepin voucher.

The first step is to open a TopMeUp service account online or on-site. This will prompt the user to submit their name, date of birth, address, and a government-issued photo ID. After registering, you can load your account.

People who want to purchase their vouchers personally can go to Flexepin’s website and, using a Store Finder Tool, find a local authorized shop. During checkout, the customer can decide how much will be put in the voucher in terms of denominations. You can buy more than one if the desired amount exceeds the limit.

At the conclusion of the purchase, you will receive a 16-digit PIN needed for online betting with bookies or shopping. When using your voucher, the system will need to verify your Flexepin 16-digit number to complete the transaction.

Wagering deposits are usually instant, and most betting sites do not place additional charges for this payment method. Customers can deposit more than one voucher at a time.

Flexepin is a voucher, so it is not possible to withdraw winnings from your betting account using it. Most players use bank transfers, allowing their personal and financial information to remain confidential during the process. There are also other alternative payment methods to access your winnings.

Because a Flexepin voucher can be purchased with cash, customers can bet without inputting their card details into the betting account. It also provides instant transfers, allowing players to make deposits and immediately get on to betting. Each online betting site has different maximum and minimum amounts for Flexepin deposits, so customers should read the guidelines before starting the transaction.

Do Flexepin bookmaker payments have fees?

A majority of horse racing bookmakers do not have fees for making deposits with Flexepin, but you should read the site’s terms and conditions before proceeding. For the Flexepin service itself, there are generally no fees when purchasing a voucher at online betting sites.

There could be some charges depending on the customer’s activity or location. For instance, a Value Retailer Convenience fee in Canada is attached to your Flexepin voucher.

After surpassing the use-by-date, there is usually a monthly maintenance fee when depositing into your account. An additional service charge is also requested when customers submit a claim after the expiration of the use-by-date.

There are considerable charges if you do not use your Flexepin card quickly, but this can be bypassed if you spend everything deposited within a year. Also, in cases where a customer wants to refund a Flexipin voucher, they can be charged as much as $30.

Our take on Flexepin betting site payments

Several betting sites that accept Flexepin can be found in countries where gambling is regulated. Most Flexepin betting sites have low fees, which is attractive for gamblers that make frequent small deposits. The platform is also speedy and discreet, allowing customers to withhold their private information during top-ups.

Customers only need to concern themselves with some minor things when using Flexepin. First, keep prying eyes away from your voucher and PIN, and ensure that the prepaid voucher is gotten from licensed vendors. Secondly, keep in mind that Flexepin horse betting sites are better for small to mid-range payments and payments like Visa, Mastercard and bank transfers are more suitable for high rollers.

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