Vet ‘tried to deflect cobalt blame’

Banned Sydney trainer Sam Kavanagh says two vet clinic staffers “poisoned” his reputation as they tried to deflect the blame in three cobalt cases.

Kavanagh said he was under serious pressure from Flemington Equine Clinic vet Dr Tom Brennan and practice manager Aaron Corby not to reveal Brennan supplied a substance called vitamin complex.

Kavanagh, his father Mark Kavanagh and fellow Flemington trainer Danny O’Brien had all used the vitamin complex on horses which returned cobalt positives.

Sam Kavanagh said Brennan and Corby were maintaining the vitamin complex was not behind the cobalt positives.

“I was under significant pressure from Brennan and Corby and they had spent a lot of time obviously talking to my father and Mr O’Brien, pleading their innocence that it wasn’t their product that caused their problems,” Kavanagh said on Tuesday.

Kavanagh said Brennan and Corby poisoned his credibility with his father and O’Brien, fracturing his friendship with O’Brien.

“It was a lot to do with the poisonous talk from Brennan and Corby trying to deflect the blame on to me and get themselves out of trouble,” he told the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

A bottle of vitamin complex found in Sam Kavanagh’s kitchen was found to contain cobalt.

Mark Kavanagh and O’Brien are trying to have their cobalt disqualifications overturned on appeal to VCAT.

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