Use the fold at Sportsbet

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GOT a red-hot tip that doesn’t jump as cleanly as you would have liked, or did your galloper burn too much fuel getting to the head of affairs? Online bookmaker Sportsbet has your back.

Simply place a bet at Sportsbet on designated thoroughbred races and if you’re unhappy with how the race is panning out, hit the fold button to return part of your stake – it’s as simple as that.

How do I know if my bet is eligible for the fold?

When you’re taking a look at the race card, if the wager is eligible for the fold you’ll see a caption at the bottom that states “Race eligible for the fold”.

How do I use the fold?

Once the race starts a timer will begin next to your wager.

You’ll have a limited time to select the fold, then confirm.

Once confirmed, you will see ‘Bet Folded!’ with your returned stake amount. Your full stake will be returned to your account when the event is settled.

Rules to using the fold with Sportsbet

*You only have one Fold per day, resets midnight Darwin time (ACST)
*The Fold is available on all platforms
*The Fold is only available on Single, Win only bets
*The Fold is available on selected Australian and New Zealand Thoroughbred Races
*The Fold is not available on All-In or Futures Bets

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