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Horse racing in the USA attracts massive interest, even though it is probably not as popular as other major sports in this part of the world. US horse racing has got a rich and varied history, with several of the biggest tracks, most popular horse races and most famous names from here. Horse betting is legal in most states in the USA, while punters around the world can wager on all US racing, as long as thoroughbred wagering is legal in their location.

Top betting sites for US horse racing betting in 2023:

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    Top online sportsbooks for racing in the United States

    The USA has got a diverse and frantically growing sports betting industry and horse racing is definitely part of this craze, despite in the past being one of the only legal forms of gambling in the USA (although it is still restricted to some states).

    The most popular sports betting sites for horse racing in the USA will largely be determined by what state you are in. For instance, many states, including New Jersey, Nevada and Pennsylvania have rolled out regulated horse betting, which has greatly improved the depth and quality in your betting options.

    Other US states are yet to really address horse betting and sports betting by-large in their laws, which means it is still legal to bet with offshore sportsbooks like BetOnline and Bovada, which have accepted bets from here throughout the extended ban on sports betting.

    We expect US horse betting sites to continue to improve in the coming years, as more and more brands and more resources are poured into staying competitive. This will include increasing things like horse racing promotions and customer retention programs, which are essentially aimed at keeping you wagering with the same sportsbook.

    Unlike in Australia, US sportsbook sites that feature racing are allowed to offer things like sign up bonuses and free bets, which can be a great way for companies to attract new players. Racing free bets can also be a great way for customers to increase their bankroll, without having to spend their own money.

    Best Australian betting sites for US racing

    Australian horse betting sites are among the best in the world, and the good news is if you are in Australia you are able to wager on US racing with a minimum of fuss. All of the Australian betting sites we promote on are vetted by our racing experts and feature extensive odds and promotions on US racing.

    Australian betting sites can legally advertise horse racing from the USA, and the good news is they often have markets before bookies in the US. The bet types available at Australian betting sites surrounding US racing are also extensive, including things like quadrellas, trifectas, quinellas and even multibets over multiple races.

    Mobile betting, including betting apps, are a major part of sports betting in Australia with well over 50% of bets placed via handheld devices. The two main platforms Australians use are Android and iOS with both of these operating systems supporting downloadable apps.

    The best Australian betting sites featuring US horse racing will cover all meetings in this part of the world, while many will even have promotions and offers surrounding the bigger events like the Preakness and the Kentucky Derby.

    Reviews of the best bookmakers for US racing

    There are many serviceable Australian betting sites that have extensive markets on US horse racing, with these including many of the biggest names in the country.

    Is US racing as strong as Australian racing?

    US horse racing is not regarded as strong as being as strong as other jurisdictions, including Australia, although the United States have certainly produced some of the greatest horses of our time. One of the major differences between Australian racing and US racing is the surface of the tracks, with grass or synthetic primarily used down under, while the main surface in the US is dirt.

    Races like the Kentucky Derby do draw betting interest right around the world and the crowds are probably bigger than the Melbourne Cup, but if you look at it purely from a staying perspective, Australia probably shades the US in terms of quality. What is making the international racing scene very interesting is Hong Kong emerging as a central hub, with their lucrative races, pre-covid restrictions, attracting runners from all corners of the world, including Japan, Australia, USA, New Zealand and Europe.

    If racing returns to a normal state following the covid-19 pandemic, we fully expect US and Australian racing to continue to be at the forefront of the sport internationally.

    Bet types available on United States racing

    The USA has always had legal horse racing betting and of course they have some of their own unique bets, although realistically it is just the vernacular that is different to other places in the world.

    Some bet types unique to US horse racing include:

    Major horse races in the USA 2023

    There are numerous horse races in the USA that are among the best in the world, including:

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