Sarah Moody called to answer charges

Sarah Moody will front Victoria’s Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board over a comment she made on social media.

The wife of suspended trainer Peter Moody, Sarah Moody is a registered racehorse owner and subject to the rules of racing.

She will appear before the RAD Board on Tuesday to answer charges relating to a tweet which remains on her timeline directed at Racing Victoria’s chief steward Terry Bailey and the integrity department.

“Underbailey TVMovie coming soon The rise & eventual fall of an out of control, no questions answered integrity department, Deception at Epsom,” Moody tweeted.

She faces two charges, the first relating to the publishing or posting on social media any material, content or comment that is obscene, offensive, defamatory, racist, threatening, harassing, discriminating or abusive to any other person or entity involved in the racing industry.

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She has also been charged in the alternative with conduct prejudicial to the image of racing.

Manny Gelagotis, racing manager for his trainer-brother Peter, lost his appeal against a similar charge on Tuesday.

After Mourinho was allowed to run in the C F Orr Stakes despite being kicked behind the barriers, Gelagotis called an RV vet “incompetent” on social media and again in a radio interview.

He was fined $2000 with $1000 suspended for 12 months.

Gelagotis took his appeal to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal which upheld the original penalty.

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