Santa Claus in hot water with stewards

Santa is in hot water with BHA stewards

Santa Claus has raised the ire of stewards with an unauthorised visit to a race meeting in England.

Riding a horse and accompanied by two elves on ponies, Santa paraded before racing got underway at Lingfield on Saturday.

The British Horse Racing Authority took a dim view.

“The stewards held an inquiry regarding the requirements under BHAGI 3.1. into why the clerk of the course failed to notify the racecourse department at the head office of the British Horseracing Authority, that the racecourse intended to include a festive parade at this meeting,” the stewards report said.

“The stewards interviewed the clerk of the course who stated that, due to an oversight, he had failed to seek permission.

“They forwarded his comments to the head office of the British Horseracing Authority for consideration.”

The BHA later tweeted it was a biosecurity issue.

“Re: Lingfield santa – biosecurity always an issue. That’s why it matters if other animals are on the course” the BHA said.

“The animal didn’t get near race-horses. No harm done. But bear that in mind, Rudolph.”

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