Jye McNeil returns to trackwork

Apprentice Jye McNeil has ridden trackwork for the first time in more than four months and is hoping his race return is only a few weeks away.

McNeil suffered a broken tibia and fibula in a pre-race mishap at Bendigo on March 19 when he was dislodged from a horse and his foot was caught in the reins.

The apprentice returned to trackwork on Monday morning, riding three horses in slow work for Cranbourne trainer Robbie Griffiths.

“The ankle felt good but over the next couple of days the body will be a little sore,” McNeil said.

“It’s been four months out of the saddle so it was good to get back into the swing of things this morning.”

McNeil has a plate and screws in his leg and they will remain unless they cause him any problems.

“This morning I only hacked around so my irons were quite long,” McNeil said.


“I didn’t have any issues with it this morning, but it will be interesting to see how it copes once I build up and get my irons up a bit shorter.

“As long as over the next few days everything stays the same I’ll just keep stepping up each day and hopefully not take too long to get my fitness and get back to the races.”

McNeil is looking to make his race return next month.

“Once I feel confident and strong enough I won’t waste any time getting back to the races,” he said.

“Hopefully three weeks, roughly. As long as I don’t have any hiccups along the way.”

McNeil’s apprenticeship was supposed to end in May but he said he expected to have it extended by the amount of time spent out of the saddle with the injury.

He has seven wins remaining to outride his claim.

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