Tag: 'Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal'

Stewards appeal Currie penalty findings

Stewards have appealed against two Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal decisions to reduce penalties on disqualified trained Ben Currie

Tarrant gets a stay on disqualification

Luke Tarrant has been granted a stay on a six-month disqualification he was given for allegedly head-butting a rival jockey
Baylee Nothdurft

Nothdurft to continue fight against ban

Queensland jockey Baylee Nothdurft will take his appeal against a three-month suspension to the next level after failing in an internal review application.
Danny Nikolic

Danny Nikolic’s internal review refused

The internal reviewer has refused Danny Nikolic's application to overturn a decision to refuse him a jockey's licence in Queensland.
Ben Currie

Banned trainer Ben Currie in QCAT appeal

Disqualified Toowoomba trainer Ben Currie will appeal his conviction and sentence on two charges of bringing racing into disrepute when he fronts QCAT.

Practical demonstration for Appo appeal

Jockey Beau Appo's appeal against a suspension for weighing in light will include a demonstration of saddling a live horse.