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Punt Drunk: More heat for Currie as Kah eyes metro record

Punt Drunk takes a look at Bossy's big call, Jamie Kah's chances of smashing a metro racing record, and the extra layer of spice on...

Stewards appeal Currie penalty findings

Stewards have appealed against two Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal decisions to reduce penalties on disqualified trained Ben Currie

Banned Currie penalties reduced on appeal

Disqualified trainer Ben Currie has had some penalties reduced on appeal but remains sidelined until other matters are resolved.

Ex-journalist hits jackpot with Soxagon

Owner Brian Burke's study of bloodlines has reaped big benefits with his gelding Soxagon ready to tackle stakes company at Eagle Farm.
Ben Currie

Ben Currie to face District Court trial

Queensland trainer Ben Currie has been committed to stand trial on fraud allegations in the Toowoomba District Court.
Ben Currie

Ben Currie appeal decision reserved

A decision has been reserved in trainer Ben Currie's appeal of his convictions of bringing racing into disrepute.
Ben Currie

Banned trainer Ben Currie in QCAT appeal

Disqualified Toowoomba trainer Ben Currie will appeal his conviction and sentence on two charges of bringing racing into disrepute when he fronts QCAT.
Ben Currie

Trainer Ben Currie’s fraud case adjourned

Queensland trainer Ben Currie's court case involving alleged aggravated fraud has been adjourned until next month for a committal mention.

Trainer Ben Currie has racing ban reduced

Trainer Ben Currie has had his sentence reduced on various racing charges but will be back in court on a criminal charge.

Currie case back in court in September

Trainer Ben Currie's fraud case has been adjourned to allow his lawyers full access to the police brief of evidence.

Banned Currie’s racing charges put on hold

Stewards have agreed to adjourn some of the remaining charges against trainer Ben Currie until after criminal matters against him are resolved.

Bob Frappell resigns over Currie decision

Toowoomba Turf Club committeeman Bob Frappell has resigned after members voted to allow Mark Currie to continue to train at the track.

Two men charged in connection with Currie

Police have charged two non-racing men with fraud in connection to allegations against trainer Ben Currie who has also been charged with fraud.

Ben Currie charged with fraud

Queensland police have charged trainer Ben Currie with fraud, alleging he used performance enhancing drugs to improve his horses' chances to gain prize money.

Trainer Ben Currie facing more inquiries

Stewards hope to hear all the remaining charges against disqualified trainer Ben Currie within a month.

Another three years for Ben Currie

Toowoomba trainer Ben Currie is facing 7-1/2 years on the sidelines with a further three years added to his sentences.

Trainer Ben Currie to fight all charges

Toowoomba trainer Ben Currie intends to fight his convictions and charges using the full legal process, his lawyers say.

Trainer Ben Currie gets two more years

Trainer Ben Currie faces four-and-a-half years on the sidelines after having one sentence reduced to 30 months but getting a further two year disqualification.

Ben Currie found guilty on swab charges

Toowoomba trainer Ben Currie has been found guilty of five charges of bringing horses to race with a prohibited substance in their systems.

Ben Currie’s lawyers argue for fines

Lawyers for Queensland trainer Ben Currie are likely to argue precedent sentences for charges he faces include fines.

More convictions for trainer Ben Currie

Trainer Ben Currie has been found guilty of 12 charges of race day administration and has been asked to make submissions on sentence.

Plan to expedite Ben Currie hearings

Queensland stewards hope to expedite outstanding hearings into charges against Toowoomba trainer Ben Currie following a Supreme Court ruling.

Mark Currie gets fine, suspended sentence

Toowoomba trainer Mark Currie has been fined $7500 and given a wholly suspended 12 month-sentence on race day treatment charges.

Trainer Ben Currie loses application

A Supreme Court judge has refused an application to temporarily halt Racing Queensland's decision to refuse Ben Currie's nominations.

Ben Currie files for review on racing ban

Trainer Ben Currie has lodged an application for an internal review of the decision to disqualify him for four years.