Sportsbet gives all-in punters a fair go in Sydney Cup

Big Duke
Big Duke was the short favourite for the 2017 Sydney Cup before it was unfortunately abandoned at Randwick last Saturday

THERE has been plenty of discussion and criticism of for not refunding punters’ all-in bets when the Group 1 Sydney Cup was abandoned mid-race last Saturday.

The Championships feature staying race was unfortunately marred by an incident featuring the ill-fated Almoonqith and Who Shot Thebarman, which forced Racing NSW stewards to abandon the race just before the remainder of the field approach the Randwick home turn.

Whilst it was a sad moment in Australian racing, there was still the matter of whether punters would get their money back. Final-field bets were refunded as per protocol, but bookmakers had differing opinions on refunding all-in bets.

An all-in bet is taken before the field has been finalised and punters are often taking a bigger risk to secure bigger odds. Bookmakers such as the TAB refunded all bets, which can work for and against the punter.

For: Punters that placed bets on horses that didn’t make the field get a full refund.
Against: Punters that secured bigger odds than final field markets offered lose their value.

The art of all-in betting is identifying a runner which will start at shorter odds on the day. Recently the Auckland Cup in New Zealand was postponed and all-in bets were refunded, which left some punters furious as they had backed multiple runners months in advance at triple-figure odds.

The same applies for the Sydney Cup, which will now be run on April 22, and Sportsbet is opting to offer no refund on all-in bets, however, all-in bets on horses that started in the abandoned Sydney Cup, but don’t run on April 22 will be refunded.

We spoke to Sportsbet’s Christian Jantzen, who agreed with us in wanting to give punters the best value for their all-in selections.

“We just wanted to give punters a fair go,” Jantzen told

“Sure, there are terms and conditions in place, but what happened on Sydney Cup day was extremely sad, and certainly out of punters’ control.”

Jantzen believes punters smart enough to get early odds deserve the full reward if their runner is to start and win the Sydney Cup.

“The Sydney Cup on April 22 is still the Sydney Cup, so if you’ve been smart enough to get in early and grab some fantastic odds on your runner, you deserve to keep that price given the unforeseen and tragic circumstances surrounding the abandonment,” Jantzen said.

Punters complaining about that the change in circumstances for the Sydney Cup has affected their bets should look at other bet types. All-in betting is always at risk to anything from track conditions, track bias, rider suspensions and more – so to complain about the race being run two weeks later is part of the game.

We agree with Sportsbet that all-in bets should stand, especially for the punters that put their hard-earned at risk. Sportsbet could have easily refunded all bets and moved onto the next race, but they’re honouring the hard work put in by punters trying to make some coin.

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