Sal Perna releases statement regarding David Moodie investigation

Racing Integrity Commissioner Sal Perna has released a statement surrounding David Moodie and the cobalt findings

VICTORIAN Racing Integrity Commissioner Sal Perna has released a statement about his findings into the investigation of David Moodie.

Moodie, the former Racing Victoria Chairman stood down in October and Perna has now supplied a release in response to requests to clarify his investigation.

“I consider it is necessary for me to make the following information available, in the interests of preserving the independence and professionalism of my office and the integrity of my investigation,” Perna stated.

The statement said that Perna was asked by Racing Victoria Limited (RVL) Integrity Council to investigate integrity issues surrounding David Moodie and his role in inappropriately disclosing information regarding the RVL cobalt investigations.

The cobalt investigations involved prominent Victorian trainers Mark Kavanagh, Danny O’Brien and Peter Moody.

“My investigation was conducted to establish whether David Moodie:

a) inappropriately disclosed information regarding the positive cobalt swabs of Mark Kavanagh and Danny O’Brien, to Peter Moody, therefore compromising, or potentially compromising, the integrity of the RVL cobalt investigations and disciplinary and/or prosecution hearings or actions arising out of those investigations; and

b) knowingly provided misleading and/or incomplete information to the RVL Integrity Council and/or the RVL Board regarding his disclosures,” the statement added.

Perna stated his report concluded that David Moodie was not the original source of the ‘leak’, but had both compromised the investigation and provided misleading information – the reason behind the eventual resignation.

“My report outlined a range of findings in regards to matters investigated and concluded that, notwithstanding that David Moodie was not the original source of the ‘leak’, both matters a) and b) above, had been substantiated,” he said.

“It also included a finding as to the probable original source of the information regarding the positive samples of Mark Kavanagh and Danny O’Brien, which was subsequently passed on to David Moodie.”

Perna supplied his report to the RVL Integrity Council on November 14 which has since been received and considered by the RVL board.

Perna stated that the full report contains confidential and sensitive information. He does not intend to release the full report publicly.

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