Nine horses found in a poor condition at Cedar Creek

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission has issued an animal welfare direction at a Cedar Creek property where nine thoroughbred horses have been found in a poor condition.

The Commission’s veterinarian has directed that the horse’s food and nutrition must be improved,
they must be wormed and the owner of the property must implement sound animal husbandry practices such as dentistry, bringing in a farrier, they must be halter broken to allow them to be handled and they must not be moved from their current location.

The condition of the horses will continue to be monitored by the Commission’s authorised officers until their condition is satisfactory.

In another animal welfare case, the Commission is pleased to report the much improved condition of a thoroughbred that had been found to be severely underweight and displaying signs of low-grade colic at Pine Mountain last month.

As a result of the Animal Welfare Direction on 4 October to improve the condition of the horse with
food and veterinary care the retired thoroughbred is currently well on the way to recovery.

Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett said this was a heartening result and showed that the issuing of animal welfare orders ensured the best possible outcome in this case.

“The Commission’s officers acted quickly when this case was reported and seeing the much improved condition of this animal is a fine example of how the system works,” he said.

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