Michael Dunne hopes to stop horses biting

Trainer Bruce Brown and horse displaying a Protype Halter
Bruce Brown with a horse wearing an anti-biting halter developed by owner-breeder Michael Dunne.

Brisbane owner-breeder Michael Dunne has developed an apparatus he believes can solve the long-term problem of horses that bite.

Dunne was intrigued that there are few options for anyone wanting to cure horses who bite other animals and also humans.

“I did wide search on the internet and while there are some other devices, I couldn’t find anything like my idea,” Dunne said.

“Trainers I spoke with also had few ideas on how to stop the problem.”

Dunne spent months developing the halter-style apparatus which he intends to patent as Horzel.

“I think it could be called the strapper’s friend. It can be used around the stables and when horses are being saddled and paraded,” Dunne said.

The idea involves a leather halter-type apparatus which fits over the nose with a strap under the lower jaw.

“The idea is while it is not overly tight the horses can’t bite and it also seems to comfort them.”

“It is high quality leather and should last for years and be used on more than one horse over the years” he said.

Dunne initially developed the idea for racehorses but believes it would have a wider application.

“I hope pony clubs and equestrian sport people will also be interested,” he said.

“Let’s face it an affordable solution to a widespread problem could be a benefit to all parts of the horse industry.”

Golden Slipper-winning trainer Bruce Brown has tried the apparatus on his horses and said it appeared to work.

“Anything which can stop a horse with a trait of biting is worthwhile,” he said.

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